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92,846 Posts no slk? :D

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Here ya go!!


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Hi, is there a reason the Datacard VIN has numbers in place of some letters in the middle of the VIN? Just checking. Thx

VIN Character 1: World Origin
W Germany

VIN Character 2: Manufacturer Code
D Mercedes-Benz (Daimler)

VIN Character 3: Division
B – Benz
C – Chrysler
D – Daimler AG

VIN Character 4: Series Indicator
Each class and generation gets its own letter in the Mercedes-Benz VIN breakdown. This is the most specific number because it tells you what class, model, and generation the vehicle is.
Mercedes-Benz VIN Breakdown

A W123
B W102
C W126
D W201
E W124 E-Class
F R129 SL-Class
G W140 S-Class
H W202 C-Class
J W210 E-Class
K R170 SLK-Class
L W208 CLK-Class
N W220 S-Class
P W215 CL-Class
R W203 C-Class
S R230 SL-Class
U W211 E-Class
W R171 SLK-Class

VIN Character 5: Body Style
A Roadster
B Long Body
F Sedan
G Sedan Long WB
H Wagon
J Coupe
K Cabriolet

VIN Characters 6-7: Model
VIN Character 8: Safety Restraint System
Modern cars, such as the 2015 Mercedes Benz E-Class, have many more safety features than this, but this is the minimum required by the National Highway Traffic Safety Asoociation.

C Seat belt + Emergency pretensioners
D Driver front air bag
E Passenger front air bag
F Side air bags

VIN Character 9: Check Digit
A check digit is a verification number calculated by a third party to verify accuracy.

VIN Character 10: Model Year
Model years alternate between 1-9 and A-Y

VIN Character 11: Production Plant
A-E Sindelfingen
F-H Bremen
J Rastatt
X Graz
T Karmann
V Valmet Automotive, Finland
M Woking, England

VIN Character 12-17: Chassis Number
This last set of numbers is the order in which your car came off the production line.
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