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Just came Home after a short 27 hour Trip to Alb. Nm I come Home open the Fridge and there was my fav. German Beer. :confused::confused::confused:....

HHm I thought she wants a new Washer but no the Washer works fine now since I kicked it the last Time with my Metric Tools. :confused::confused:..

It is getting stranger when I walked into the House my Hounds even JJ would not lift an Eyelid to say Hello to me. They have been out cold. :confused::confused::confused:

My Neighbor told me the Direct TV Service Truck was parked in Front of my House for 7 Hours and he looked young and buffed...

Hurray finally my Betty got a Mid Life Crisis and she will run off with the Cable Guy........:rb:rb:rb...

cross my Fingers them Teen Terrorist will be on that Truck too.....:tu::tu:

While I was in the Kitchen taking Measurements of the Kitchen Cabins and thinking about the perfect Lay out for my Mercedes Treasures and still have Room for my Espresso Machine and Bagel Toaster my Betty comes out of the Bedroom and say Hi Honey I need too talk to you.

Ok I said but let me ask you what Time he will be back tomorrow for you Stuff and the Terrorists?? :rb:rb:rb

Her response was what are you talking about I got us HD TV a free Upgrade....

free free free Berliner and she jumped for Joy without a Bra.:biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh:

Why I ask ? Seen my perfect Mercedes Kitchen with the Espresso Machine and the Bagel Toaster exploding like a Disneys Shareholders Brain on a bad Day on Wall Street......

Thanks Betty I said but I just got intimate with the 127 Button Remote she worked fine when I was tired abit Tipsy and she worked like a Charm from the Bathroom....:biglaugh::biglaugh:

Honey she said I did it for you.....:confused::confused::confused:...... F1 your fav Team in HD Tv!!!!!

Darn it Betty I said I work when my fav Race is on......:soap::soap:

OOOh she said check out the new Remote Control 272 Buttons well I did .... that darn Remote changed every Tv in the House while I was sitting on my Preussen Throne.

I texted her from the Mens Lounge too let her know to call Julio back and install a 32 Inch in the you guessed it the Mb Lounge for Research ....:tu::tu::tu:

Darn it I miss them Analog Days them Mercedes Cars with Horse Hair Seats them Zenith Carbs her Bra flying in the Wind attached to a factory installed Mb Antenna made by Hirschman that Webasto Sunroof we opened by Hand so her Boobs could fly in the Wind under the Stars while I listened to them Carbs and got a smile on my Face because they just worked fine.....

Yep them old Mercedes Days......:tu::tu::tu:....

Tomorrow my Betty will turn 42 she already got the whole Day and Night planned out.....:hail::hail::hail:

Berliner she said tomorrow Night we will get frisky in the Bedroom.....:tu::tu::tu:....

That was her Way of saying..... her Way of catching my left Brain.... going OOOH yes Betty......:Beer::Beer:

I know what will happen she takes her Bra off puts on her Secretary Glasses adjusts that darn Mattress with a Remote Control flips on the 32 Inch Flat Screen to NPR too watch Shakes Pears naughty Knickers while she works out the College Founds for the Teen Terrorists......

OMG I so miss them old Days ..... when I stuck her Girls in the Recycle Bin to scare the Trash Truck Driver so we could have some quiet Time on that Queen Mattress from our College Days........:biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh:

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gotta work less...nobody says on their death bed they wish they'd spent more time at work!!! I'm saving aggressively for retirement!!!
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