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Hi all. Just put my SLK in garage for the winter yesterday. While sipping glass of whiskey I thought I could share some pictures and few word of a road trip I made last summer. I had always made some sort of road trip at my summer vacation. I could share tons of weird storyes past years but let stick in with this one I made summer 2017.

Waiting to get into boat at Helsinki.

Sailing from Helsinki to Tallinn, Estonia.

Somewhere in Estonia.

Sidrabini Krogs offered a damn good food just a step from Via Baltica road.

It's geting late but still sun shineing. Few hundred kms to hotel...

Morning view from hotel window at Kaunas, Lithuania.

On the road after heavy breakfast.

Pizzeria Rondo, Zapludow, Poland. Good fast inexpensive pizza place.

Zapludow, Poland.

Poland is a huge country and slow traffic and small roads. One thing I personally like is very easy over takeing when hanging into rear bumper.

Slovakia is a beutifull country. Love the scenery and twisting roads.

Once again hotel view @ Penzion Tavel, Presov, Slovakia.

Roads of Slovakia are oooosssooom.

Where to go..?

Weather is getting more hotter...

Border crossing to Hungary.

Those roeads...

Back ally of Hotel Park Lovran, Croatia.

Time to relax.

I'll post rest of the story next.

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Whiskey is getting to me... Just realized that Scatman died in 3rd December '99 so let's put that in background. And Finland turning 100yo tomorrow. Cheers mates!

Whineing roads of Croatia.

Going into Slovenia...

Filling up just before Slovenia border.

Here I come Slovenia...

Whoaa... Slovenia.

Why wouln't I visit Italy while I'm there?

Trieste, Italy

Back to Slovenia but diffirent northern border.

Slovenia roads and scenery.

Uphill into hotel... This was one of the hardest uphills. I have never heard fan yelled so full speed.

But once again, scenery was so unrealistic.


Morning hangover pose and time to leave.

Look at the alt

Austrian border.

More hotter...

Gleisdorff. Time to eat.

American style burger house.

Way to go Wien...

I think there will never be time when all roads are done.

Bead and breakfast.

And once again new morning and new border crossing. Ceska Republica.

And weather is getting even more hotter...

Closing Krakov.

All good everything.

Just wondering could I have a custom ecu tune from here..?

Show must go on.

Hotel Lezny Dwor, Skaryzev, Poland.

In search of food...

I found one of the best I ever had. Yes, I googled the area first but couldn't believe how damn good pizza I eat.

New day new road.

Smelyne, Lithuania.

Next day. Filling up in Latvia.

Looks like there have been fast cars before me.

Driveing with the new friend.

Not a trip without police interference. This was in Estonia.

Waiting boat at Tallinn.

Helsinki, Finland. Yet 250km drive to home.

Home sweet home. Back in the inner garden park space. One week road trip, 11 countryes, 5200km (3200mls) and alive.

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WOW, an amazing trip. Been to quite a few of the countries mentioned, but still got a few to go. Your pics just made me want to start planning.

Keep it up.


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Thanks guys. I have already started to plan up coming summer trip. I think it's going to be legendary Greenhell. Last time I was there in 2011 with my Cobra Mustang.
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