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1 dad from Ontario, Canada thought he could get a “2 for the price of 1” kind of a deal when driving with his 2-year-old child, after running some errands. The cops didn’t see it in the same light.

The Ontario Provincial Police have decided to use the incident as a means to highlight the dangers of driving with a child who is not properly secured, after a traffic stop that must’ve left the officers quite baffled. One driver got major points for creativity but lost them all for endangering his child’s life.

He thought he could use a 24-pack of beer as a child booster seat. He must’ve been doing some grocery shopping and thought he could wing it. While that’s ok in most areas of life, when it comes to driving and the safety of everyone inside the vehicle, things don’t really work that way.

As this dad soon found out.

“2-year-old unharmed in @NorthPerth1 when @TwpWellNorth driver used a case of beer for a booster-seat,” a tweet from the official page of the PD reads. “Driver charged w/ failing to ensure child properly seat-belted. Children under 40lbs require child-seat and under 8years&80lbs&4'9" require a booster.”

As usual, there’s a photo of the beer pack, though police were considerate enough to blur the name on the pack. It was clearly used to boost the kid so as to allow the father to fasten the seatbelt on him.

Reports online say that, before letting this creative but reckless dad drive himself and his passenger back home, police got him a suitable booster. They also notified Family and Children’s Services, which is probably mandatory in all cases in which the wellbeing of a minor has been jeopardized.

In most territories, children under a certain age or weight must be secured in a carseat while traveling by car. After that age, a booster has to be employed. But as this dad knows now, it should never be a pack of beer, as it provides no actual protection in case of an accident.^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1149024311967211520&ref_url=
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