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A train conductor on his way to work arrived at the Waukegan, Illinois, train station employee parking lot with a number of people staring at the front of his SUV. What they saw defied logic. A coyote was stuck in the bumper, and it was still alive.

Mark Armour, the driver of the SUV, was as surprised as his co-workers, who first thought the animal was a fox.

Armour immediately called the police and an animal control officer was sent to the scene.

“He said he thought he hit something, he could feel it, but he didn’t see anything,” animal control officer Amber Manley told the Lake County News-Sun.

Manley knew right away it wasn’t a fox but a coyote, and was amazed it fit perfectly into the tight space.

“It was even more amazing he survived,” she told Lake County News-Sun.

Manley used safety equipment to prevent getting bitten as she extracted the animal from the bumper. The coyote was docile and apparently in shock.

Manley transported the coyote to Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation where it was determined the animal had three fractured legs. The fractures were set and the coyote was given antibiotics.

The next day the coyote was alert and eating. Officials are hoping the coyote makes a full recovery and can be returned into the wild in the spring.

“I was the driver!” Armour wrote on the Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation Facebook page. “I am so glad ‘Vern’ will recover. I will be putting the shoulder to my coworkers, to raise some funding to donate to Vern’s recovery. Thank you so much for taking care of him.”

Vern is no doubt appreciative.

Coyote was resting comfortably after having its fractured legs set.

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Glad he survived all so often I see stupid Drivers speed up to hit an Animal when it crosses the Road here in the Arizona Desert.:crying::crying:
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