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Whenever GM’s LS7 engine is mentioned, enthusiasts jump for joy, which is something you’d expect with a 7-liter V8. Unfortunately, using an LS7 may not be all fun and games, as a recent class action lawsuit filed by Corvette owners against GM shows.

GM is accused of having failed to take action to fix an issue with the 427 cubic inch V8 that powers the Corvette Z06 and Corvette 427 model built between 2006 and 2013.

According to the lawsuit, General Motors is aware that the Corvette engines show excessive valve guide wear, but has refused to take action, despite the problem leading to costly servicing operations. The plaintiffs claim the problem also affects low-mileage powerplants.

The Corvette owners explain that “despite GM’s repeated assurances that the subject engines were performing as designed, the engines fail at a high rate.”

A report coming from BigClassAction states GM determined a diagnose method called “the wiggle test,” and when this showed multiple engines were performing below standards, the company pulled the plug on the project.

“When GM determined that its adopted test would lead to more repair and investigations than it wished to perform, the test was summarily rejected,” the lawsuit states. “In dealing with multiple complaints concerning the subject engine in the class vehicles, GM acted, at all times, to deflect criticisms, defer investigations and repairs, and minimised the extent of the problems,” the lawsuit papers read.

Furthermore, GM reportedly explained to the owners that the LS7 engine might show valve train noise, which is an inherent engine feature, and doesn't represent a failure. Nevertheless, owners claim the issue has led to critical issues, causing financial damage, as well as frustration.

The complaint is comprised of over 70 claims, and we’ve reached out to GM to receive an official position on the matter.
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