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Knowing which rumble strip to step on and which to avoid can easily make the difference between pleasure and pain on the Nurburgring. One must obviously know the infamous German track like the back of his hand driving glove before attempting to cover it at full pace, but it's not like this is impossible. Heck, we're here to see a guy who can do the Ring blindfolded, albeit as a copilot.

We're talking about Nurburgring settler Misha Charoudin, who recently rode shotgun in a Mercedes-AMG GT R and managed to dictate the entire Nordscleife while wearing a blindfold.

The 585 horsepower Beast Of The Green Hell (this is the official nickname of the GT R, remember?) was driven at full pace (that would be a 7:02 BTG lap), but Misha did a brilliant job. And he didn't just deliver generic left-/right instructions, instead mentioning details such as the line, the braking points and other tips aimed at navigated the three-dimensional experience that is the Ring.

Sure, this kind of adventure has been done before and comes in all sorts of challenging forms (Alfa Romeo's actual blindfolded driving Silverstone record), but the feat we have here is impressive and enterntaining in equal measures.

For the record (no pun intended), the Nurburgring is 20.8 kilometers long (12.9 miles), involving 73 turns (33 left and 40 right for those of you asking), so memorizing all that doesn't exactly come easy.

Of course, the driver of the Mercedes-AMG GT R, a Ring Taxi, also knows a thing or two about the circuit, since we're talking about Andreas Gulden, the chief instructor of the Nurburgring driving academy, who has been doing his thing on the Ring since 1988.

Now, as Misha mentions in the clip, it would be best not to try this at home, not even if you've already mastered it on your gaming console (the track was closed for this exercise, by the way).

What's behind all this Nordschleife might?

Five years of full vlogging duty at the Nurburgring, with about 1,000 laps per year, three crashes and tons passion (think: work).

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