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I recently had a leak in the windshield washer reservoir tank/bottle but couldn't figure out where so I followed Pelican Part's guide to removing it so I could inspect it up close. Turned out it was both a cracked seam and a bad washer pump. Great, $20 new pump, patched the tank.

The car has a heated windshield washer reservoir so as part of it I needed to disconnect the coolant hoses. The problem is I didn't label which of the coolant hoses coming out of the fender connects to which hose on the reservoir. While fixing the reservoir noticed two arrows at the top of the bottle that seemed to indicate coolant flow so I became very concerned that I would hook it back up wrong.

After a few days of trying to research online I ultimately decided that I was overthinking it and I connected the left hose to the left hose and the right hose to the right hose. We'll see if I manage to overheat my car. :wink:

I wanted to post some pictures I took in case someone else has this problem in the future since I wasn't able to find any resources online.
I marked up the pictures with arrows to indicate coolant flow. The picture of the top of the bottle shows the arrows as they appear on the bottle. The other pictures with the hoses indicate my best guess as to coolant flow. Someone, anyone, please feel free to correct me!

The "right hose" (indicated as an inlet on the bottle) connects to a t-valve just next to the duovalve.
The "left hose" (outlet) goes under the battery tray, alongside the firewall at the back of the engine, and finally connects to a t-valve on the driver's side (LHD) near the back of the engine.

Hope this is right and I hope it helps someone.

Pelican's guide:

My car: 2001 SLK230


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