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I have a fully functional comand 4.5 system including the 6 disk changer, the seat heater/ airscarf controls and the larger size monitor available for sale. I was installing it in my car when the car was involved in an accident totalling it.
You will get the head unit, the monitor, the fascia for installing the monitor and the cables to connect the 2 together. This is a perfect opportunity for someone with the system 20 to upgrade.
This system was enabled for GPS and Sirius but I do not have the boxes for either unit. Additionally, this does not include the MMI connectors. But they should be already installed in most system 20 models.
You will need to have a MB dealer authorize the system for your car. This costs about $300 depending on how friendly you are with the dealer.

Additionally, I have a full package, Chinese made, Android system upgrade. This includes a 7.9" monitor and all of the cables needed to connect the android box to the COMAND. It will enable apple car play and will give you full readouts from your OBD system. Additionally, it will allow the installation of a rear view camera, which is included in the package. Everything is plug and play with no modifications required. In fact if you have a system 20 with an aux input it will be a one step solution to getting CarPlay. It is compatible with both the iPhone 5 and above as well as any android phone.

I am willing to split these up.

COMAND 4.5 system: $1500
Android System: $600
Camera: $20
Or $2000 all together. I will ship to the US or Canada.
Please text me or email me.
Email is [email protected]. Text via 862.485.0461


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