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Because my door module doesn't work correctly and because it's almost impossible to find second hand r171 door module (or over 200€), I decide to look at other MB models door modules.
and it seems that w203 look excatly the same 2038209185, connectors are the same, even pins seems to be exactly at same place. So I though only firmware can be different or not....

For test, I have bought for less than 30€ a module from an english W203. Results are not perfect but lock/unlock, folding mirror, speakers works correctly. I didn't test auto dimmable mirror and heating.
But windows doesn't works correctly, both goes down but never goes up. mirror can not be setup (up down Left right).
The module I have tested is 2038201585, and after a precise inspection, windows connector pins are not the same as my door module, and english car doesn't have windows control on left door this can explain these malfunction.

So this w203 module will probably never works perfectly with my french R171, but do you think w203 LHD door module can work or can be flashed with DAS to fit my r171 ?

Thanks for your comments and sorry if this idea is completly stupid :grin:
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