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Clunking noise from rear brakes

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I have a 2003 200 manual 140,000 miles its the best car I have ever owned but its electronically challenged

The latest episode involves the abs/esp/bas lights becoming lit after moving off with a clunking noise from the rear when the lights come on the noise goes at around 20 mph its fine till the ignition s turned off and a restart made has anyone else had this problem I have cleaned the rings & checked and cleaned the sensors and replaced the brake switch

You can stop the noise a slow speed by gentle pressure on the brake pedal any comments please


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Have you checked the rear brakes?

had new pads and the inboard shoes seem in good order
You haven't changed wheels/bolts recently ?
Yes the wheels are really tight

I am sure its something to do with the ABS it clonks with wheelspeed at 20 mph approx. it stops but the abs bas lights come on and its fine till you re start the engine and the problem re occurs its the strangest thing I have ever come across really frustrating

Thanks for your interest
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