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It occurred to me that in many years and many miles, most of us have a had a close miss, or two. For example on one occasion distracted by my two children in the back seat, I was slow to move off on a green traffic light, only to have a car break the lights in the other direction and go across the front of the car at what must have been in excess of 120mph. To this day I wonder what would have happened if I had moved off those lights in a responsive manner.

Does anybody have an interesting tale to tell on this subject.

Anyway my closest - non event.

I was making my way back from Birmingham to Cornwall some 300 miles. Mostly on Motorway but later in the trip, as it was, I was now on dual carriage way. Its the summer, daytime and the traffic is light. I had been cruising at a steady speed for some hours, relaxed, one hand on the wheel.

I'm on the inside lane and gaining ground all so slowly, on another car many 100's of yards in front of me. Some minutes ahead I will have to pull into the outside lane, or slow down the 1mph to match our speed. The road is such I can see a considerable distance in front me. Getting closer to the car in front I'm contemplating moving into the outside lane, but, I see a tractor far far up the road doing some 30mph. If I set out to overtake my companion on the road at 1mph difference, he will be forced to brake. So I wait for him to initiate the move with the intention of following him past the tractor. Only - he doesn't make the move, we are converging on the tractor going considerably fast than it, but all in the same lane. I say out loud, "come on then if you are going to go". At last and quite late he indicates and begins to move to the out side lane. I do the same.

Then all hell lets loose. Seeing my indicator in his rear view mirror he believes I'm intending to overtake him. He slams on the brakes in an effort to come up behind the tractor, without ploughing into it. I've got too close to my companion and seeing his heavy braking swerve to avoid collision with the back of his car (not recommended at this speed). It was close. I overtook the tractor in the outside lane and left them far behind with my companion left behind the tractor at 30mph.

There was no one on the road but us, weather was fine, if we had collided, cars would have been going end over end. The situation came out of no where, it scared the hell out of me and in over 40 years on the road was my most frightening moment.
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