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Here is @jbanks15 twice a year reminder

In Europe it's 2am (UK) Sunday October 31st 2021. Step back one hour.

Winter time starts in USA Sunday 7th November 2021 @ 2 am for those that participate. Step back 1 hour.

For our friends down under:
Sunday 3rd October 2021 clocks went forward one hour at 3am (Australian Daylight Saving Time)

top is for audio 20 and below that is for Comand

Setting the time
This function is only available in vehicles with
audio system.

Move the selection marker with button
+ or - to the Time/Date submenu.
Press button Up arrow or down arrow repeatedly until
the message Time-Hours.
Press R To Confirm or Time-Minute(s)
Press R To Confirm appears in the multifunction display.
The selection marker is on the current setting
Press button + or - to set the hours
or minute(s).
Press reset button R to confirm.

Vehicles with COMAND ngt 2.5 system:

Setting the Time Zone and Switching
Between Daylight Saving Time and
Standard Time
The correct time zone and daylight
saving/standard time must be set for the
following navigation system functions to
operate correctly:
Calculation of expected time of arrival
Time stamps for calls received and calls

To set the time zone: Select System
Time -Time Zone.
A time zone list appears.
The dot indicates the current setting.
Press down or up arrow to select the
appropriate time zone.
To switch between Daylight Saving and
Standard Time: Select Daylight Saving
Time (Summer) or Standard Time
The dot indicates the current setting.
To save setting and exit menu:
Press left or right arrow.

for Comand 2.0

There is no automatic change from standard to daylight savings time and back.
This has to be changed manually

From ETYU (Eddy):

For COMAND NGT 2.0 or pre-facelift R171 (presuming Sync with Head Unit has been enabled in the MFD menu, so the analog clock will sync with COMAND head unit when the date/time has been changed in the COMAND unit):

Press SERV to call up System menu
Press Time (soft key), Date/Time setting menu appears
Use < or > to select the hours/minutes that one wishes to change (selected item will be highlighted in darker colour)
Press ▲ or ▼ to set the hour/minute
Press Back (soft key) or wait for screen to change

Watch and enjoy the movement of the hands on the analog clock move to the newly set time.

Date can only be set if GPS reception is available (for those who are doing the change around midnight local time).

For R172:

Adjusting the time zone and switching
to Daylight Savings Time (Summer)
Press system
Select Time by turning the COMAND
controller and press to confirm.
Select Time Zone and press to confirm.
A list of countries or time zones appears.
The dot indicates the current setting.
Select the country or time zone by turning
the COMAND controller and press
to confirm.
A time zone list may also be displayed,
depending on the country selected.
Select the time zone and press
to confirm.
The entry for the Automatic Time Set‐
tings is accepted.

If none of this is clear, get out your owner's or Comand manual for goodness sake!

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