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2008 SLK280
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Hi all,

I managed to snap up a climatronic control unit on EBay recently for the princely sum of £50 delivered.

When I got it both control wheels seemed stiff and the unit was in generally grubby condition. It looks like it has suffered from its position above the ashtray and the previous owner had been a heavy smoker.

It was stripped and thoroughly cleaned prior to fitting. There was a lot of dust and gunge inside it that had come in via the little fan unit mounted in the centre. The control wheels were cleaned with contact cleaner and lubed up with WD40.

In all the unit has cleaned up very well and when fitted worked beautifully. I disconnected the battery prior to removing the old unit and fitting the new one.

The only issue I now have other than a bit of wear to the black paint on the surround, is the small centre vent has been burnt with a cigarette by the looks. I have had this out, it just pops off from the front.

My question is does anyone out there have a spare or know where I could get one from?

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