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Hi all
I have had this problem for the past six months, passenger side ok, drivers side intermitant. It got so bad that the drivers side would only work on the odd occasion so I decided to strip the duo-valve. This is an easy affair as follows.
1/ Release pressure via radiator bottle cap
2/ Disconnect power plug from valve assembly.
3/ Remove five screws around valve perimeter (Torx or something similar).
4/ Gently prise the top off the body (be carefull not to be heavy handed with the top assembly as its actually in two parts held together by a diaphram). There should be no spillage as the valve is at the same height as the radiator bottle.
5/ Using a soft clean cloth, clean all the parts you can see, valve housing, plungers etc, there aren't many.
5a/ I retensioned the springs by stretching them outwards a bit but this is up to you.
6/ Reassemble all.

The valve parts in mine were not absolutely gunged up but did have a slightly sticky oily film on them and the metal plungers were discoloured in places, I used a plastic scourer to clean them up.
Anyway after doing the above the system is working spot on.

PS. Dont know what Keeder meant by 'switching out the duo-valve' in a previous post.

Hope the above works for you as the heater on full in rainy weather is no joke.
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