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I am not affiliated with this group one way or the other, but thought I would share. It probably won't be that big of a deal, but I am considering taking either my SLK or possibly bringing a old Porsche owned by collector friend of mine if he allows me to take one. (Doubtful it will be the 73 911s or 63 356 Carrera).

With an ad like this I expect this event to attract just about everything under the sun; why not have the nicest car there and win a prize...

Thought I would share incase any other SLK or other MB owners might be interested.

  • Charity Car Show at Hooters $10.00 per car entry
    Saturday May 4th in the parking lot at Hooters
    Charity Car Show to benefit the PlayBall program in Tallahassee.
    Only $10.00 per entry and all entry fees go to Playball!
    Come show off your classic beauty, your brand new work of art or your project that isn’t even ready but you’re ready to show off!!
    Trophys will be awarded for different categories!

    Car Dealers what an great and inexpensive way to show off some of your great inventory!
    Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Golf Carts, Tractors, Boats, Tanks just about everything is welcome to come out!!

    Info on Charity:


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