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OK, so for weeks... months...I've been dealing with resetting the CEL with this blasted P0410 error.

I've known it's the air valve, but it wasn't a huge issue since I was getting 33 mpg. But, when I wasn't carefully applying the accelerator at stop lights until the the engine warms up, the CEL light would pop on and I'd be blinded by it on my way home from work at 12 pm...FOR A 40 MINUTE DRIVE!!! Sorry...

Well, today I kicked it in the kahonas after finally replacing the air valve.

Here are some pics to illustrate:

Good vs Evel, had to destroy it to unscrew it.

good vs. evel.jpg

Interior view...YUCK!!!

Air Valve Interior view.jpg

It's best to have working room, so remove stuff!

The Colprate.jpg

Ahhhh, sweet relief killing the dreaded CEL. :tu:

Side note: If after removing stuff, then reinstalling stuff, and you end up with a P1236 error code, reattach the connector that engages the supercharger...silly me.

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I did mine last year, what a pain to remove. I also replaced the shut off valve which was just as bad. $66 at the dealer. The check valve cost me $40 for a four pack on ebay, got lucky with that.

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For me the P0410 was caused by a corroded air pump check valve.
My original valve part # is 0021402860. That was replaced by a newer 0021406860.
I found an older check valve 0001407860 for $20. Tried it out for several weeks and the P0410 is gone for now. Let's see how it goes. If the older valve 0021406860 doesn't work, I will go for the newer 0021406860.
To remove the valve, you will need a 27mm or 1-1/16" low profile wrench.

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CEL P0410 / Check Valve

Howdy all,

*CAN OBDII CEN-TECH ITEM 98568 $29. Works. Good value so far. Thanks to original posters for that suggestion. States 'KWP2000 Protocol' when 'linking to vehicle'. Port is just forward (bow) of the hood release.

precious is: 2001 SLK 230 R170

after arrival of cold weather, CEL came and stayed on. Loss of power (I'd say the supercharger is not adding to anything, so likely not engaged)
* I also suspect that I need a thermostat. (which seems could contribute to check valve failure if moisture is inherently involved).

-- CEL
-- P0410 [Secondary Air Injection System]
-- P0420 [Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold Bank 1]

Additional details from scanner section: 'Since DTCs Cleared'
(results existed before I did any clearing of codes myself)
-- Catalyst Mon [OK]
-- Htd Catalyst [N/A]
-- EVAP System Mon [OK]
-- Sec Air System [OK]
-- Oxygen Sens Mon [OK]
-- Oxygen Sens Htr [OK]


nk_400, are you still running well with the 0001407860? or does anyone think I'd need to hunt down the ~$85 USD OEM?
For $12 I'll gamble the purchase, just trying to avoid having it apart in the drive and having the wrong part.

cheers to all!
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