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Hi, you guys have been a great help to me. Thought I would spend a few minutes to get something on the board that might be useful to others.

I've been very happy with my 1998 230. And I even preferred the stock cassette player as my radio since, with a cassette adapter, I could play music from my iPhone. Not perfect, but I hate the look of a lot of the newer radios.

But probably over a year ago. The cassette adapter would not eject anymore. This was annoying because it meant I had a piece of wire constantly sticking out of my dash.

No amount of tugging on the adapter cable, and power cycling of the radio did anything.

Finally I bit the bullet and tried to figure this out.

1. Purchase Scosche Dt2B Radio Removal Tool (Euro Din) from amazon. That was $4.95. These worked once I got the hang of them.

2. I pulled the radio and then found that the top protective metal case was held on by two gold colored screws near the top rear of the unit. Remove those two screws and you can remove the top metal from the cassette player.

3. I then wasted 3-4 hours on stuff that didn't work.

4. You will notice in the accompanying picture an arrow that is directed to a small black plastic "thing." Projecting from that thing, toward the front of the unit, was an even smaller, fragile looking pin. I inserted a hotel card key between that pin and a piece of metal it was resting against. And the cassette player spat out my cassette adapter with satisfying vigor.

5. I was hoping that after ejecting that one tape, maybe my ejection mechanism was fixed, but alas, at least with the adapter, that was not the case. It's almost like my eject button is not activating what it is supposed to activate. Anyway, it's late now, and I'm going to call it a day. I'm going to try another cassette tomorrow. But that isn't the point of the post. The point was to say that unlike some other cassette players, where there is a lever to activate, or others, where power cycling the unit on and off many times, would yield ejection. In this case it is a small plastic pin that activates forced ejection. Sorry about the photos. I never did figure out how to get the unit completely unhooked from the power cords. So I had to take the pictures with my iphone.


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