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Hey why not......:grin::grin:

And that’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. CBS Los Angeles reports that the chase started in South LA, when police attempted a traffic stop of what they believed was a stolen vehicle. The dude would not pull over, so they followed him.

After 2 highways, they ended up in a neighborhood near Playa Del Rey, where the suspect was faced with 2 options: narrow streets with dead ends and speed bumps, or the beach.

He chose the latter, so he got on the bike path and then onto the sand, honking beachgoers out of the way. One eyewitness tells the media outlet that he even yelled at them to get out, so he gets some points for being considerate of other’s wellbeing. There’s that.

He drove the Toyota Camry on the sand and into the ocean, in circles, until it became stuck. He wasn’t ready to go with the cops yet, though, so he got out of the car, finished off the beer he still had in the can, and walked into the water. He made sure to zip his jacket to brave the strong waves and, for some minutes more, attempted to flee by swimming.

Cops eventually went inside and took him down, bringing him to solid land for the arrest.

LAPD has confirmed the incident and the possibility that the Camry was stolen, but they’re yet to release the man’s identity or say what charges have been brought against him. Most likely he won’t be getting any lenience for thinking to yell to get people out to safety as he drove on the beach.
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