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Today, after watching Canada's F1 I wandered into a local shopping centre that was hosting a car and motorcycle show to raise money for charity. There were about 100 cars ranging from classic deuce coupe hotrods to a 2013 Jag XKR-S (didn't impress me). Lots of American muscle cars.

It rained the previous night so only 4 bikes showed up.
One very expensive custom chopper show queen that are getting too plentiful to be of interest.
One Harley Ultraglide with a lot of bolt on chrome and aftermarket mods.
One stock Triumph Rocket 3 (This monster is 2300 ccs 146 bhp (109 kW))
and finally one rat bike.

The only owner present was the rat bike owner:
The rat bike was completely hand built using parts from junk except for a clone Honda generator/compressor pull start engine that he found. The owner had done all the fabrication himself. No actual motorcycle parts had been used although some bicycle parts. He was very proud of the fact that almost no paint was on the bike except the paint that came with the motor. The frame was completely fabricated from steel tubing. The toughest challenge was rigging up a primary and secondary drive system using bicycle chains.

His story was also a good one as he had been laid off work in a fabrication shop but was allowed to continue work on his project for 2 years. Unfortunately I did not get a picture and this bike was not pretty but it was a work of the heart. You could see it in is eyes when he looked at "her". So near the end of the show, prizes were handed out for variuos categories: best mod, best paint etc. The judges were obviously car guys (Brand names on their jackets) so they came up to the 4 bikes, took a look and proceeded to award the Best Bike award to ...

The completely stock 2010 Triumph Rocket 3. I shed a tear for John Galt.

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