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I beg you.......please stop. 😭

Every time I think...ok, that's it. All done now, I'm happy with her. Don't need to do anything else.

Then I get on here and start reading about and seeing all the fabulous stuff you've all done and off I go again!

When does it stop?! 😁

Should say that apart from all the usual maintenance stuff we (ahem...he) has done, nothing has HAD to be done. Just purely wanted to. All your fault. I blame you.

Really....who NEEDS clear glass or LED anything? Who needs a chip tune and a pulley upgrade? Who needs stainless steel roll bars??? Who needs to change their whole interior trim?.......the list goes on and on..............

So....please. Don't stop. Keep the ideas coming 😆 I LOVE it.

I quickly realised that having one of these cars (whichever model) has nothing to do with the brain and everything to do with the heart and soul.

Every time I get into her - even look at her - and just drive, my heart sings. Know what I mean? Of course you do. You drive an SLK.

Next on the list is: new exhaust. She's 15 years old and I think the exhaust is original. Don't have to, just want to. See what I'm talking about? 😰 brakes and I promise, that is absolutely it.


For a bit.........>:D
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