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Have removed the lower control arm and the original bolts. I see in the Merc WIS that they talk about a 'repair bolt'! As I understand it this 'repair' bolt allows you to adjust the wheel camber. So am I right to assume that the car, from the factory has no camber adjustment as the original bolt/washer arrangement is all concentric? The requirement for a repair bolt is only IF your camber is out of whack?
My question therefore is, can I just re-use the original bolt based on the fact that my tire wear is very even and car has 80K miles. I had assumed having rebuilt the suspension that I would need to have a full wheel alignment done but maybe this is not the case?

Original Bolts
IMG_20181126_173541739 by Gary Laird, on Flickr

Repair Bolts
Repair Bolt Camber by Gary Laird, on Flickr
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