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As per title, I have a Dilemma with a V8 Mercedes Engine, and need someone in this field to look at post # 261 here :-

Stripping down the Engine is not an option, so if anyone can take this job on they need to know that it is a complete all Aluminium V8 Engine so a fair old size ............

Any advice from an Engineer or Machinist etc would be great right now, especially regarding what sort of rotating Cutter (115 to 120mm diameter) would be suitable, preferably something that would go in a 12mm Chuck as I do have a decent Right Angle Drill and I can fabricate in house a suitable and hefty steel jig to adjust and hold it square via Bolts in the nearby Engine Mounting Bracket fixings.

Need to machine flat a 2mm depth of the cast ally Starter Motor face, see the pics in the link above ;)


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Short of a machine shop I'm guessing you need someone with one of these or similar Dave:
An adjustable boring tool: Buy Boring Bars & Boring Heads | Milling Machine Cutting Tools would allow for machining the hole to size gradually, rather than cutting it out similar to using a core drill. Whatever method is used, a coolant/lubricant will help. White spirit works well on aluminium.
There must be some oil industry related engineering folk up your way?

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I think you'll have to talk to a machine shop for pro advice on this one, it's got to be done right after all.
A quick search brings up half a dozen shops around the Glasgow area so maybe a call to someone like - W.O.S.E. -
would be a good starting point?

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Thank you guys (y)

You are both quite correct of course and I kinda knew that deep down, but ...................

Sorry guys, guess what, did I ever tell you guys that I overthink things 馃ぃ

I'm now almost certain it will be fine right where it is on the same side as the Steering Box, guess that makes me a right KJ if so 馃ぃ ................

I'll go post some pix in the main thread, just got the SLK on the lift 10 mins ago ;)
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