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Off topic as about our 2011 C Class 250cdi - after valued comments from members here.

We have had the car just over a year, during which we have had a periodic but on going yellow engine warning light, which the MB dealer has said is identified as a fuel injection related issue. The car has been in 5 times now, in which time they have replaced, sensors, related wiring and injectors on more than one occasion. The car has now been in this time for over 2 weeks, they have got MB Stuttgart helping them.

Thankfully it is under warranty and Marisa has been given a nice car to use.

My question is whether any SLK 250cdi owners had any similar issues?

I have read about the 250cdi unit having problems with injectors and production was changed to a different manufacturer in 2012. I have been told this is not the problem.

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