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Everyone knows lane splitting is allowed in California, but few know its legality was never officially declared. Now, a new bill has been sent to the Government to formalize this practice and establish some rule

While the rest of the states forbid lane splitting (motorcycles progressing through slow traffic between lanes), motorcyclists and police officers in California have been maintaining a tacit understanding about lane splitting. The maneuver was generally accepted as long as it was done with decency and respect towards other road users.

However, the public reacted in a bad way when California Highway Patrol (CHP) came up with a set of guidelines regarding lane splitting, claiming it’s not of their competence to create new laws. But that might soon be history, as the state Legislature sent Gov. Jerry Brown a bill this week to allow motorcyclists lane split legally.

The new bill better defines what “lane splitting” actually means, being described as “driving a motorcycle that has two wheels in contact with the ground, between rows of stopped or moving vehicles in the same lane, including on both divided and undivided streets, roads, or highways.”

Regarding the public versus CHP issues before, the new bill also authorizes the Department of the California Highway Patrol to develop guidelines relating to lane splitting in a way that ensures safety for all road users.

The previously-composed guidelines were allowing riders to lane split as long as their speed was not exceeding more than 15 mph above the traffic speed. The maneuver was considered dangerous at speeds exceeding 50 mph and it was strongly suggested to take into consideration the weather conditions, type of road as well as traffic behavior.

In other words, the previously established guidelines will pretty much stand true, and the police will act accordingly. As long as you’re not popping wheelies or pin the throttle and demon-speed through rows of slow cages, it is OK to do it.

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Personally I don't mind it when traffic is at a standstill providing they have more than enough clearance and drive through slowly. I mean where are you going to go in standstill traffic, not like your going to get out of your car and knock the guy off his bike. We chose a car, they chose a bike; I think half the time its the car driver being pissed off having sat in traffic and then when they see the guy on the bike progressing through all the cars they become enraged because they know they can't. :frown: However, that being said I wouldn't advocate it during normal traffic conditions, its bad enough 'lane splitting' with other cars in this province especially during winter:surprise: or any other day of the week if you have a car like this

slightly off topic but here is a part from an article in regards to Hwy 401, the busiest Hwy in North America if not the world.:surprise:..those who have driven it and lived through it congratulations....I do 150kms daily on this road and have survived 28 years without a collision....quite a few near misses and definitely a few windshields, one nearly killed me when a 4 inch bolt came hurtling through the passenger side.....brown stuff on the seat but hey I am still breathing:laugh: but for the most part especially during peak times you are stuck in traffic.

You got somewhere to be?

Too bad you’re not getting there.

The 401 is where they weed out the weak. You don’t drive on the 401 to get somewhere. You do it for the challenge. You do it to test your abilities like some Uchiha clan ****. Rush hour 401 is the breaking point between heaven and earth. Are you going to descend into a Lovecraftian hell or reach Nirvana? You will double the size of your biceps death-gripping your steering wheel. There is no time for rest or pulling off over into an exit. Bodily functions shut down. Cars on the side of the road and crashes closing lanes are a constant reminder that you are driving the razor’s edge. Death is mere seconds away at any given moment. They’re always doing construction but nothing is ever finished. It’s a constant roadblock for the hell of it. This is the Dark Souls 2 of Canadian driving. git good or get out

And that’s just normal mode. Have fun in the six-month long Ontario winter and enter some top-tier level of highway driving.

But back on topic of traffic jams and lane splitting and what could happened if everything came to a standstill including motorcycles. Here is one of the comments from a reader that made me laugh

I heard that babies are born on the 401, grow up on the 401, and take over for their parents as driver of the family car on the 401

OK back on topic of lane splitting. Is it any difference when cyclist do it continuously with total disregard for other traffic and the laws; They constantly run red lights, ride on the sidewalk, ride across pedestrian crossing and rarely get caught by the cops and the buggers don't even have to have a licence, insurance or pay road tax and on top of that they ride through scrap your car, ride on without stopping and then have the gall to claim you hit them:surprise: And in this stupid City they are building more and more bike lanes, and who is paying....the's about time the buggers began to pay their dues if they want to be on the road....rant over>:D
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