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One car burglar operating in Berkeley, California, found out the hard way that Tesla cars come equipped with cameras and sensors that set them off when someone approaches or enters the vehicle. He is now behind bars, as he was already on parole at the time he started breaking into cars last month.

Berkeley Police tell NBC Bay Area that they were investigating a string of recent car burglaries when they caught a sudden break: one of the victims came forward with a photo of the guy who was behind them. They searched for him in their database and found him there.

“Derrick Conerly, a convicted rapist wearing a GPS ankle monitor, had no idea he was on camera,” the publication says. “Police were able to identify Conerly as a parolee with a GPS ankle monitor, which documents his every move. With that, they were able to connect him to the auto burglary.”

Conerly is now back behind bars.

Police confirm for the same media outlet that the case was solved much faster thanks to the Tesla owner’s intervention, adding that, in such cases, crime solving gets just a little bit easier. They just have to follow the breadcrumbs and they find their suspect.

This isn’t the first time that Tesla’s crime-fighting has made headlines. The introduction of Sentry Mode, a safety feature meant to alert owners when someone approaches or enters the vehicle by force, has led to the capture of at least 3 vandals who thought keying Teslas was a fun way of passing the time.

They were wrong and, in addition to paying hefty fines, they will also have to foot the bill for not-exactly-cheap repair work.
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