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Hi and welcome from Lakeland, Fl!

I see you don't have your SLK yet, but we would still like you to join us for our
Hi simplyslk and thanks for warm welcome and invitation. I can't this Saturday, as I am going to Pembroke Pines to check that silver/blue SLK. I am ready to drove it off their loft after checking the carfax and chatting with them couple times already; the only turn off is that I am not a fan of that blue touch on silver... reminds me of blu cheese hahaha! I am going to check it out and see if in real life its such a big deal, because other than that its a good price for < 50k, airscarf, climate control, navigation system and electronic seats :)


ps. this will be my first SLK. Anyone living around Mimi FL / South-West FL would like to take a look at it with me and let me know what I should be particularly looking at, you are more than welcome to join me :Beer:

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post the vin now if you have it or when you get it for a datacard. also, if they do not give you an owner's or maintenance manual, we can supply that also

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here is your pickup checklist:

Courtesy of Omnipotent:

Things to look for during car pickup

- Cracks on all lenses of the car
- Front/back/side/mirror
- Look for condensation
- Wheel rash
- Scratches
- On body panels
- Underneath front and rear spoilers
- Edge of the hood near windshield wipers (occurs when wipers lifted to clean windshield – should be stopped up instead)
- Locking
- Glove box and centre console unlocks with doors
- Bass vibration in passenger side door
- Oil level is full
- Seat memory works
- Command screen has no defects
- No scuffs or other damage on leather seats
- Latest NAV DVD
- Driver Assist settings
- Curbside parking mirror assist turned on.
- Easy exit on
- Memory seats set
- Loose items present
- First aid kit
- Warning Triangle
- Micro fibre cloth
- Antennae Remover
- Both sets of keys
- Owners manual
- Spare Tire
- Jack and tire iron
- Aluminium Door pins installed (ordered accessory)
- Rubber floor mats AMG?
- Gas tank cap
- Boot Tray (ordered accessory)
- Remove dealer insignia/license plate holder
- Gas tank full
- Less than 100kms
- Operation Test
- Roof
- Windows
- Locks
- Test sound system with CDs
- Power Seats
- Power Mirror
- Steering wheel adjustment moves up/down/out/in
- A/C and Fan (all speeds)
- Air Scarf
- Heated Seats
- Alarm
- Test Drive the car
- Radio off and listen
- Wipers and washers
- Horn

- CD
- Flashlight
- Small mirror


1. Check for scratches under the lower edge of front bumper cover

2. Check for paint chips along the rear edge of the hood where someone may have inadvertently lifted the wiper arm into the hood edge. A paint chip on the wiper arm itself should raise some suspicions.

3. Check panel alignment below doors

4. Check to make sure that both rubber bumpers on the lower rear edge of the rear window are in place. These bumpers protect the plastic cover in side the trunk from being scratched by the window frame which rests on the cover when the top is down. You can only see these while the top is in the process of being lowered.

5. Check the tire pressure.

6. Inspect whole car for dings, dents and scratches, including alloy wheels.

7. Inspect interior for scrapes, etc.

Make sure everything you ordered is actually there, including accessories.

Check spare tire and the special lug nuts that it may need.
Check fabric wind deflector

Check operation of major functions like air conditioning, Airscarf, Nav system, CD changer, interior lighting, power seats, heated seats, and so forth.
Put the top up and check for wind noise and creaks/rattles from the roof.

a couple of thoughts....check the windshield and other glass surfaces for chips,cracks and scratches... check the tires and rims for any sign of
abuse...check the headlights as well for any imperfections....

Check the seats.

1- Make sure there are no damages to the leather.

2 - Make user there is no squeeking noise when you sit and rock the seats back and forth, etc.

Check that the VIN number is the same as we have been told.

I had my first broken part....the pin holding the hinge of the plastic shell retaining shield in the trunk broke causing the hinge to come loose and the shield to come off track....naturally they had to order the part....could have been worse- it could have been the roof !

Plastic aerial tool to remove it

You have the correct mats

Remote roof works, if you have chosen it

Have someone else with you to check the paint work.

Check the roof cover is flush when roof is down

Full tank of petrol

Drive the car at a high enough speed to verify that it does not pull to one side or the other.

Somebody stop me!!!!

Day of Pickup
List of things to bring
CDs and/or tapes to test sound system
Tire gauge
Good flashlight (don't count on the glove box light being fully charged)
Small handheld mirror (for looking under/behind things)
Order paperwork in case something comes up missing, there is a price difference, incorrect customization, etc. Don't forget your Car and Key Memory settings.
Calculator (in case you need to check some numbers on the financing)
Camera (optional)
Inspection – Complete BEFORE signing any papers
List of things that should come with your car
Owners Manual
Traffic Triangle (Not on US Models)
Any extra manuals or loose options you ordered (mats, racks, etc)
Matching alloy spare (and jack while in there)
Inspection Items
Check the VIN with the paperwork you brought. Is it your car??
Check the mileage. It should be low (some say less than 150, some want it less than 10)
Check for shipping damage
Under front of car, check lip
Hood padding (present and matching color)
Scratches on tires (including spare)
Scratches on paint. Check in bright fluorescent light if possible
Dents. Caution points are bumpers, corners, near wheels, etc.
Check the exterior (and interior) trim for consistent color and properly affixed (no loose ends)
Condensation in headlight covers (leaking water from carwash).
Interior scratches on trim, lining, dash, etc.
Check the seats for damage. Tears, scratches, marks, etc.
Carpet, did you get mats? Do they fit right?
Function Inspection Items
Headlights, side, rear, fog, etc.
Blinkers, flashers
Interior lighting
Flashlight in glovebox
Power seats
Power mirrors (including right mirror autotilt on reverse of equipped, does it return to original position)
Do doors close properly and securely? No odd vibrations? Same for trunk. Does the trunk stay up on its own?
Fan operation (all speeds)
CD, nav system. You might look up the coordinates of the dealer ahead of time, but the nav system should show the map anyway.
Key fob functions. Everything moves and/or opens properly?
Did you get wheel locks? Are they installed? Where is the key?
Do all the windows work? Do all the window controls work (from all the positions)?
Pre-Test drive Checks
Have dealer show you the proper operation of all the functions of the car. Adjust this for your own options and needs.
Fluid locations (and levels), lids secure, no apparent leaks or drips.
All wires and hoses look well secured (no last minute repairs rushed and not properly re-secured)
Tire pressures
Have dealer show you where the battery is, and where the jumper cable connectors are in the front
Check the gas cap. If this is loose your check engine light will light (and stay lit for some time).
Test Drive
Check function of heater & AC, make sure both work, even in the "off" season.
No odd noises
Car tracks well (alignment issues)
Car brakes straight
No hesitation of engine
Post test-drive
Discuss any concerns from the test drive.
Have dealer show you the service area. Do they suggest (or offer) and early checkup before the first oil change?
Does the service department offer loaners or pickup/drop off services? This might be a good time to find out.
Some dealers offer free carwashes. You might ask.
This is last. Double check all the numbers with the paperwork you brought with you. Use your calculator if needed!
Verify VIN and options to invoice and financing paperwork
Are you considering any extended service warranties?
Ask dealer about the roadside assistance program.
Get copies of EVERYTHING!

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I'm done!!!!!

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standby for datacard

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Here ya go:

that 05 model info has a link about the ipod or do a seacrh


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hi Jeff, Valrico is close to Oldsmar! used to live in Clearwater and work in Oldsmar for couple years! Small world...
well, i would not say 30 miles is close, but close enuff!!

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your glovebox should have an ipod adapter possibly

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thanks for the datacard. I wish it would be iridium silver not blu cheese but I think this version is rich in options for the price.

ha, you right I was looking at google map and it looked close :)

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my previous slk 05 350 was iridium silver!

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don't get these guys started with the 'prettier' etc stuff. then the hairdressers discussion starts again!!
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