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Breaker parts search site?

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I'm looking for a set of drive shafts for my car, mine's "somewhat bad" and could do with a replacement..

They're apparently different between the models and I can't find any here in the UK, so I thought I'd try mainland Europe. Does anyone know of a generic search site for used parts? One that breakers connect to for parts enquires?

We have BreakerLink here in the UK and they send my query for parts to multiple (can't find an exact number) breakers and if they have the part, they contact me with a quote..

But is there something similar in Europe? OR, perhaps, a big/huge breaker that's likely to have what I need?
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In UK check dronsfield. They usually have several 171s on the go.
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They're connected to BreakerLink. I know, because I've got quotes from them on previous enquires, when I needed the digital AC controller..

But yeah, might be worth asking them directly..
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Because there's only been 766 SLK55/R171 imported to the UK between '05 and '11, it would be a small miracle if there's parts for it here :).
The drive shafts are unique for this exact model. It does look like the drive shafts are the same across the whole model year span (and not Post/Pre FL specific :) ).
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One method I always use when searching for a part is to simply google the part #.
Maybe that will work
Hoping for a good outcome in your search
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