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Hi everybody,

I have the opportunity to buy the brakes of a Clk 63 AMG.
I'm think that i could put it these brakes on my slk r171, i'm right?

I prefer to ask before to buy, even if after some research, i really think that it's possible.

But i want to be sure that it could fit without any modifications.

And someone could confirm me that the brakes of the Clk 63 are:

Font calipers are 6-pots and rotor = 360mm
Rear calipers are 4-pots and rotor = 330mm?

Someone knows the minimal thickness of the rotor? I know that for the rotor of the Slk 55 AMG r171 pre-FL (so in 340mm), the minimal thickness are 25mm (new = 32) but i don't find the information for the 360mm

Thanks in advance for people who answer to my questions.

Et bonjour de Belgique !
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