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For SLK 230 R170 chassis

Brake light switch was faulty causing back lights to burn out and weld to chassis. I saw another link on this with diagrams. Thought these color pics would make it a bit easier.

You will be replacing this:

2011-07-02 17.37.32.jpg

2011-07-02 17.37.19.jpg

You can buy it

DETACH NEGATIVE CABLE from BATTERY TERMINAL. Using 10mm socket. Wait 2-5 mins.

Step 1. Remove lower panels as described here:

Step 2. Locate brake light switch near brake pedal.

2011-07-02 17.04.46.jpg

Step 3.
Detach the two wires from brake light switch (note where they were attached.)

2011-07-02 17.08.41.jpg

Step 4. Press clip on brake light switch and twist out of bracket. I demonstrate motion for removal in this
. (For my fellow visual learners)

This is the metal bracket without the brake light switch. You will install the new switch back into this bracket.
2011-07-02 17.39.12.jpg

Installation is reverse of removal.
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