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According to the Moscow-Pullman Daily News, the truck belonged to the Washington State University, which has a bee breeding program. It doesn’t mention what happened to make the boxes come tumbling down the highway, but it does say that the road was closed off for about 3 hours.

During this time, workers from the University’s Department of Entomology came and helped retrieve the bees and place them back in their boxes.

“Pullman Police Department Chief Gary Jenkins said the load of bees fell off a truck driven by WSU employees. Jenkins said an officer at the scene described thousands of bees buzzing through the air while the WSU employees put on protective gear and picked up the boxes,” the publication notes.

The Department of Entomology has “a breeding program and research lab to study and protect bee populations,” the same media outlet says. It doesn’t mention whether damage to the bee population on that transport was significant.

Also last week but in a different part of the world, hundreds of bees started swarming cars in a supermarket parking lot in Hayle, U.K. When shoppers came out with their groceries, they saw the bees swarming from a Honda to a Ford, and they understandably panicked.

Luckily for them, a beekeeper was also shopping there at the time, so he went home and got his protective gear and calmly proceeded to remove them in a specially-made box, so the two car owners were soon able to retrieve their vehicles and drive home. He then told the media that, while relatively harmless, bees shouldn’t be approached by people without the necessary knowledge or equipment to handle them.

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