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Bodywork General/Misc.

Lubricate your roof hinges/joints and seals.

Drain Holes.

Maintenance Position For The Wipers.


Door Mirror Service (Creaky?).

Door Hing Change.

Door Lock & Repair Infrared Sensor.

Lighted Door Sill Installation.

Side Skirt Removal.

Front Bumper Removal (SLK350).

Curb Alert Pro Install SLK55.

Front Bumper Gap Sorted.

Front Bumper To AMG Styling Upgrade.

Front Bumper Removal AMG/Sport Pack

Mud Flaps Install Slk 280.

Rear window Trim Cover Replacement.

Upper moulding on front windshield replaced.

Halogen Headlight Polishing & Tear-Down.

A Pillar External Removal.


DIY - Under Hood LED Lighting

Engine Covers Removal From Top Of Engine.

Battery Compartment Water In Tray.


Trim Piece Removal.

Door Card/Panel Removal.

Windrestrictor Installation.

Cupholder Made Into PopOut Ipod Holder/Change/Phone.

Sunshade & A-pillar cover/moulding Removal.

Rattle Fix - Soft Rubber Cupboard Door Bumper.

Audio 50 APS HU Remove/Restore Front Plastic.

Radio Removal.

Dash Facia Rubberized Paint Code Match.

COMAND Screen Scratches, Restoration.

Centre Console & COMAND Removal.

Rear Centre Console Removal.

Digital Climate Control & Lower Tray Compartment Installation.

Glove Box Door.

AC Vent Removal.

Gauge Cluster Removal & 120kph Speed Alarm.

Buttons sticky, Malfunctioning Repair.


Blower Fan Motor Assembly Removal. Damp Patches/Noisy.

Custom Boost Gauge Pod In Dash.

Head Unit Removal (youtube by benzwerks).

Shifter Console Plate (including indicator, and mirror & vario roof switches) removal and refinish).

Gear Stick Removal.

Trunk Struts Replacement.

Trunk Divider Pegs Repair.

Custom Trunk Inserts.

Tail Lamp Removal.

Rear Spoiler Removal & Install, part 1.
Spoiler Removal & Install, part 2.

Replace Mercedes Star Trunk Emblem

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{Courtesy of @Delucas
rear wings are welded !
front wings Bolted
boot removable
bonnet removable
roof removable but not advisable !
side skirts removable
front bumper removable
rear bumper removable
a pillars removable
top windscreen edge fixed
door mirrors removable
rear c pillars Black
perspex removable
doors removable

Cheers Antonio}

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