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About a month ago a friend was considering trading her Acura for a new BMW. Of course I warned her about them bad cars, but she persisted. She asked me about the models numbers and I gave her a quick rundown on the numbering scheme, as far as I knew: First number was the model and usually indicated size/shape of body/cabin and next 2 numbers are engine size. I did say there were some models with just 2 designators such as the Z, X, M that were a bit different but usually correct for the 3 character designators ie. we knew what a 328 was compared to a 535.

So today she drops by with her new 328 and we go for a test drive. Nice car. Take a look under the hood and guess what... 2.0 litre engine! (I didn't say a word since she is happy and will never know).

So after I take a quick look at the BMW site:

128 is 3.0 litre 230 hp yes 3.0 litre
135 is 3.0 litre 300 hp
328 is 2.0 240 yes 2.0 litre 4 cylinder
335 is 3.0 300
528 is 2.0 300
550 is 4.4 400

Z4i28 is 2.0 litre 240 hp back to the 4 cylinder
Z4i35 is 3.0 litre 300 hp
Z4is35 is 3.0 litre 335 hp so watch pout for this one!!

So there go the model/engine designators.

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