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First of all, if we check out the quarter-mile numbers of the two, we'll notice that the Bimmer can play the 1,320 feet game in the high-11s league, while the Affalterbach compact is a low-12s car.

So, for instance, if the M3 would loose traction, the A45 could get the edge thanks to its all-paw hardware and perhaps maintain its lead for the full quarter-mile.

Then again, situations that involve low grip can often lead to greater problems than losing a race. And this is precisely what happened during the drag battle portrayed in the clip below.

The two German velocity tools got together during the Petrolhead Spring Event, which was held on an airfield in Weeze, Germany. However, as you'll get to notice in the video, the runway was everything but clear, with plenty of dust getting in the way.

As such, the RWD M car lost the rear end mid-race, with this causing it to slide towards the Mercedes-AMG.

Fortunately, the driver of the A45 showed swift reaction, steering her hot hatch away from the skidding BMW M3 and avoiding an impact - given the speed of the cars, the crash could've had serious consequences. I can presume that not too many gear heads expected such a swift maneuver from the driver of the Mercedes-AMG, since her starting line reaction time wasn't exactly sharp.

Now, it's only normal to point out the point of the clip that showcases the said adventure, but I asure you that the fight preceding the one between the M3 and the A45 is also worthy of your attention.

It looked harmless too me go to 2 min 10 sec and see what you think.

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