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Went to get cakes for a farewell tiffin with my team.

Dark Blue BMW, blacked out windows (the rear drivers was either down, or adjusted for entry P33???)
Decide to carve up the traffic with some random lane changes and then did 50mph down the A5117 (It's a 60).

Had that 'bait' feeling. Felt he was waiting for me to start a take and then he hoof it.
Not in a rush, so let him play. Besides, although I could take easily, there was the odd cyclist oncoming.
No need to pinch their seats by staying put.

Hit the dual carriageway and I hung back, seeing if he would fly. He didn't.

So hit the gas, nothing harsh and no drop down.
Black smoke out of the BM. Yep, he was baiting.
Wasn't bothered, so just held my station, then eased for the lights.
Left him an opportunity to go, but he didn't.

Dropped to the inside lane.
He floored it past and dropped in just in front of me to turn left into Hapsford services.
Tempted to follow, but spidey senses said no.

Coming back I was just about to pull out when a white 3 series with all the extra plastic
decides I'm not and floors it.
Boy did he struggle to make the turn.

Let him do it, as if I wasn't biting.
Then killed him off (once I'd checked the boys favourite waiting place was clear).
Still no dropping gear, just the pedal.

Eased off and watched him fly through the next set of lights (on red).
So now I know that the speed camera doesn't trigger on that side of the lights.

There's playing and then there is way too far.

Why do I let them go?
Because if they are that nuts they are out of control.
Even if they had an engine that burns a 55, they couldn't handle it.

Odd that it seems to be BMW and Audi of late (and Corsa, Doh!).
Porsche play, but don't usually go nuts.
Just smile and wave.

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Where's that dashcam? :D

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Found that to be true as well Myk. Beemers especially think they're king of the road (even in their little 32*'s).

Then there are the Honda Si's with their cannon tail pipes horking all over the road :surprise: I see very few other units with those pipes though.

Porsche, yes: wave/thumbs up or smile but never a smirk.
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