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Burger King Uses Photos of Real Crashes to Boost Delivery Service

The good people at Burger King know that hungry people are not reliable drivers, because hunger makes them more prone to accidents. To avoid any more crashes into its establishments, it is urging customers to use its delivery service.

he fast food chain is using photos of real crashes into Burger King establishments in the latest marketing effort to boost its delivery service, a partnership with Door Dash. In other words, someone tracked down all Burger King car crashes, secured the rights to the photos and then turned the pictures into hilarious online ads.

At least, that’s how the Internet sees them. They come with smart taglines like “Don’t drive hungry” and “Safety first,” and urge customers to “Leave it to us.” That is to say, if you’re hungry, forget about drive-through as an option because delivery is a much safer alternative. For everyone involved.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that Burger King takes a tongue-in-cheek approach to the way it markets its services and products, but the latest campaign seems to have become a big hit with people online. Reactions on Twitter range from hysterical to appreciative, which is uncommon in this day and age when virtually anything has the potential of becoming controversial.

Most responses include puns on the concept of drive-thru, which many of the cars featured in photos took in the most literal sense. Others suggest the Burger King King himself should be featured as driver, while more creative commenters provide their own pictures of car crashes and suitable responses.

The bottom line is that the Internet seems to love Burger King’s sense of humor, even if it means capitalizing on some people’s misfortune. The only negative reactions are from those not in the Door Dash delivery areas, and that speaks volumes for the effectiveness of the campaign.

Reminds of Domino,s 30 Min Delivery or its free....:laugh::laugh:

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