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Close your eyes MR Banks this one is not for you but our CPF,s( Closet Porsche Fans) might like it.:grin::grin:

Since childhood, I have always been fascinated with automobiles. In fact, my very first word as an infant was ‘car’. Despite my engineering background being more geared towards chemistry and fluid dynamics, my love and passion for cars has guided me into the fascinating world of tuner vehicles, and I love them all.

So, one could only imagine the excitement when Mel Mayuga, service manager at McKenna Porsche in Norwalk, California, reached out to my team and I to build a Porsche 911 commissioned in the honor of Steve McQueen. A unique 1 of 1 project to be built and then auctioned off for charity, with the proceeds benefiting the Boys Republic in Chino Hills.

Bisimoto: Building The 911BR - Speedhunters
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