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This isn’t what one has in mind when one thinks of gallons of beer flowing freely: a truck carrying crates of beer smashed into another car after failing to slow down at a toll booth

Gotta love free beer no matter how it comes to you.

t happened in India, in Rajastan, at a toll plaza, and it was captured all on camera. You can see the video at the bottom of the page, including the heart-stopping moment when all that beer goes to waste, in an almost beautiful explosion of fizz that swallows the truck, the SUV and another nearby car.

The Daily Mail reports that the driver of the truck, Sandeep Jatav, was hospitalized for the minor injuries he sustained in the crash, but the driver of the SUV he smashed into wasn’t harmed. That was fortunate of him, considering the force of the impact, which was strong enough to push the SUV forward, before splashing it with beer.

From the video, it’s clear that something must have happened to make the truck driver lose control of the vehicle. Not only did he not slow down or stop when nearing the toll plaza, but he seems to have hit the acceleration instead of the brakes.

Police are now investigating the causes of the crash, and the driver will be held accountable for the damage caused, if he’s found guilty of it. He may even have to pay for all the beer he wasted, but that’s up to his employers to determine.

On the bright side, at least some locals got to knock back a few thanks to this mishap, free of charge, before the cops intervened. “There were cartons of beer all over the road and local villagers rushed in to carry away as many as they could,” the Mail writes. “Toll officials called police to control the crowd.”

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