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The official ‘Danger Spots Europe’ software is available for the Becker Map Pilot – around £20

It is easy to install. Access the product from the ‘shop’ area of the Becker Content Manager, sync the device, then do the following:

i. When back in the car access the ‘Settings’ menu
ii. Go to ‘Guidance Settings’
iii. Scroll down to the bottom and access ‘Danger Spots Europe’ (now an additional menu item)
iv. Say ‘yes’ to the disclaimer (i.e. it may be unlawful to use it to avoid detection in some parts of Europe etc.)
v. Choose audio or visual warnings or both
vi. Return to the main menu
vii. Done

The system will now bleep and show the location every time you approach a speed camera, known camera sites, accident black spots, or nasty bends etc. This happens regardless of whether guidance is active.

It is ‘direction sensitive’ – so it won’t bleep if a fixed camera is on the other side of the road.

The volume of the bleep is dependent on your chosen guidance voice volume but it also fades the stereo at the time of the bleep. It is easy to hear.

It can be turned off if you’d like to be an upstanding obedient citizen in Spain for example...


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