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If you travel to “bear country,” remember 2 simple rules: always remove all food items from your car when you’re not inside, and lock your doors.

One car owner from Boulder County, Colorado, didn’t mind these useful tips and ended up with an undrivable car after one bear accidentally took it for a joyride. As it tends to happen with many joyrides, this one too ended with a crash.

The bear wasn’t harmed, in case you were wondering, and is still at loose.

Last Sunday, the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office took to social media to issue a warning to all car owners about the downsides of having a bear break into your vehicle. They did so by posting a photo of a wrecked car, which the bear was able to take for a short joyride after accidentally shifting it into neutral with its butt. And you thought bears weren’t handy!

As usual, the bear broke into the car lured by the promise of food. It found one door open and went to town inside.

“Last night a delinquent bear pulled open an unlocked driver's door and climbed in, and of course, the door closed behind it,” the Sheriff’s Office writes on Facebook.

“The bear worked on digging out through all 4 doors, but apparently butt-shifted the car into neutral. The car rolled back and off the driveway and about 100 ft down the hill. The four legged suspect swiped a tree, rendering the car undrivable, but in the process popped a door open, and fled on foot... er, on paws in an unknown direction.”

The only upside to this story is that the bear wasn’t hurt, just spooked out of its mind. The entire incident could have easily been avoided had the owner locked the car for the night, which is precisely what police hopes everyone else will do from now on.
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