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After leaving our digs on South Uist, in the rain, we made our way to the Eriskay ferry. Arriving at Ardmhor, still in the rain, we headed for a roll and coffee at the "airport" before making our way to Russ's hotel. Having forgotten to pack my Speedos :surprise:, I had to pass on taking advantage of the surprisingly empty private beach. :D

Col and I made our way to our hotel which overlooked the harbour at Castlebay then, after collecting Russ again, we took a tour of the Island. Arriving back at the "airport", we watched a couple of planes land on the beach (the only scheduled commercial beach landing in the world!) and saw one take off. Amazing to see.

Col had braved Storm Ali to film the landings and got soaked to the skin, so it was a case of calling an end to proceedings and splashing our way back to the hotel for a hot shower, some liquid refreshments, and an excellent meal. :smile:

This video is a series of clips from the day ...

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