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You can not be careful enough with them sneaky construction workers putting cones where they should not belong.:grin:

Passengers on the Aberdeen to London flight were told they could not take off as a rogue cone had become wedged beneath the aircraft

A British Airways flight was held on the runaway for two hours after the aircraft was apparently “damaged” by a traffic cone.

Passengers on board the flight from Aberdeen to London on Thursday evening were told the plane could not take off after a rogue traffic cone became wedged beneath the aircraft.

Engineers said they could not inspect the damage until all passengers and their luggage disembarked and reduced the weight of the aeroplane.

Joe Churcher, whose girlfriend was on the flight, live tweeted the incident and reported the pilot had “never seen anything like it”.

BA flight grounded - by a traffic cone! Weight of passengers and luggage apparently dropped plane onto misplaced cone which damaged engine,

A passenger on the flight, Claire Buckley, said the captain had “sounded genuinely stunned” that it could have happened as he updated them on the situation.

They were eventually told the “skin” of the aircraft had not been pierced and the dent in the cone had “popped back out” as the weight of the aeroplane was removed.
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