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Aux and COMAND issue

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I have searched and not found the same issue as this.

Last week my AUX in stopped working, or so i thought....

Basically i can't select AUX on the menu as the button doesn't respond.
Also there are other buttons that don't respond either.

The 'Right' select button that toggles through CDs on the changer
The Settings button in the SERV menu

Anyone had this?

I have disconnected the battery and left it off for an hour - Nothing no difference.

I am scratching my head other than the head unit has faulty buttons
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I had that problem when I first got my car, previous owner spilled coffee on the comand. I had to send the comand into a repair shop, cost me around $500 usd.
thanks all, seems a pain.

Learned along time ago even with my SLK 230 radio to never use those cupholders for drinks....
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