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Welcome to the August Ride of the Month Competition!


Congrats to our July winnner - @jalopybenz

Please follow all instructions posted below

  1. You must add 3 Photos; no more, no less. NO Collages. Pictures must be of the current state of your vehicle. Avoid having any people in your images.
  2. All entries must be a SLK or SLC model.
  3. List any/all Legal Modifications to your vehicle if you have done any.*
  4. The vehicle must be yours. Vehicles waiting to be purchased may not be included
  5. Include a short description of your favourite aspect of your vehicle, or your favourite memory or ride taken with your vehicle*
  6. Votes for the month’s winner will be tallied by the number of “Likes” your post has on the last day of the month. The winner at the end of the month will win a free 1 Year Premium Membership for the forum and a custom flair under their username. If the winner is already a premium member, their subscription will be extended an additional year.
  7. Remember, please post your entries and pictures in this thread.
  8. If you have won in a previous month, you can no longer enter for the rest of the year. However, if you have a second car that meets the above criteria, you can enter that.

* These are optional but encouraged

Winners will be featured on the sites gallery, found here. Gallery

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My 2004 slk 320
Welcome to the forum.
Thanks for completing your profile details.
Please see our guide on how to get started with an introduction.

2006 SLK350
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This is my 2006 SLK 350. 33,100mi. Only mods are LED replacements, front and rear cameras, and the ATOTO Android head unit. *Just noticed in the instructions that I should write what I like most about this car. I think what I like the most is how quiet it is while cruising with the top down and then how it growls when it's throttled up quickly.

2013 SLK55 AMG
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Having owned my little car for just over a year and after a helluvva year working in the healthcare sector (with none of my elderly residents getting covid) we had to just get away from it all. Scotland was our destination, specifically the Highlands as we had never been before and hey you gotta do the NC500 at the same time. l

1999 SLK230K
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We enjoyed a fantastic roadtrip to Toscane in italy. All the way from The Netherlands through Germany and Austria. No Highways! 3500 miles of pure pleasure. Our 22 year old little SLK drove like a dream!

The first picture was taken just after we arrived at San Baronto. The second one shows the parking in front of the appartment, and the last one is proof that thare's just enough space for three weeks of sunshine vacation luggage!




I bought the car in January, in fact I saved it from destruction. It took a lot of work to get her back to her reliable self, but it was all worth it! Everything works again, and I will try to continue with the 'restauration'. Next mission: the worn interior and crappy audio system.

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2012 SLK350
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Here is my 2012 SLK350, stock except for the various roof, replaced the solid roof with a clear one...then had that tinted to reduce the Florida heat in the cabin. Cruising the backroads of Florida and Georgia are really our favorite activity in the fall.
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