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If you own an AMG, and you are an AMG Private Lounge member, plan to attend the April 7 Caffeine and Octane event with your AMG compadres. AMG Chief Editor is arranging for VIP parking, courtesy of RBM of Atlanta. Details in the US Regional area of the PL forum. If you have attended this event in the past, you know how valuable reserved parking is!

If you are an AMG owner (not just SLK..) and aren't a PL member, you should be! Register at

If you haven't been to Caffeine and Octane, you can learn more at their website;

Generally they get around 2000 cars, admission and parking are free. The last AMG infestation occurred last October, the gallery is at and you will find one lonely SLK55 among the rest of the fire breathers!:smile:

Hope to see some of you there!
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