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After monitoring boost levels the last few days, I've noticed that the diverter valve modulates boost pressure not only for ECU mapping, but for torque limiting too. Even under constant throttle (monitoring throttle plate position, not input voltage) the ECU torque limits by using boost.

I've read a bit about using restrictions in the diverter valve tract to increase boost levels by limiting the escape of generated boost. I'm going to try something very simple. PVC pipe "caps" with various amounts of holes drilled in them clamped to the end of the diverter.

This should allow appropriate bypass under low stress conditions, yet higher boost under high stress. Obviously I'll be monitoring levels as required, but I think this will work.

Pulleys work to a point. Mostly by speeding up the building of boost at lower rpm. When you hit 8-10 psi, the diverter opens and quickly dissipates the charge to 6 psi under stress. I believe my regulated restriction idea will work to achieve a higher boost level.

More to follow.
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