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What did I do to my SLK today? Well yesterday, I broke the little connector that makes the ashtray light shine.

From the ashtray, follow the unit to the back and see the place (in red) where the socket and bulb goes, and notice that there's only one lead sticking out of my socket (in yellow). Yours has two leads.

What to do, kiddies? This part doesn't even exist on the SLK230 parts diagram! You probably have to buy an entire ash tray. Uh, no.

What else? I had to build my own. Here are the parts I used:
1) Vacuum plug
2) T5 B8.5D 6000k White LED Dash Bulb12v
3) (2) 0.250 female disconnects
4) (2) Brass Fuse Block Tap Adaptors MALE Automotive for ATC Fuses
Also, a razor blade and a pair of needlenose pliers

Cut a slice in the vacuum plug as shown below, and cut a matching one on the other side. Insert the tap adaptor into the slice, and clip off the end so that the end doesn't stick out. Then fold and "knot" the end so that it touches the LED connectors. Do the same to the other one. See that little block of rubber?
My LED started falling out because of all the manhandling, so I put a little
block of rubber between the anode and the cathode to keep them connected
to the leads, nice and snug. A drop of superglue probably wouldn't hurt either.

Then test it.

Then install and test it.

Voila! Now all I have to do is crimp the new connectors onto the wires, reinstall the ashtray and plug it in. It will be back in the car tomorrow. I chose the LED because it lasts 30,000 hours, and I'll never, ever have to do this again.
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