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Thank you for joining us.

Please update profile (see post 3)
and post introduction (see post 2)
before posting issues.

This helps to protect the forum from spammers and unsolicited sellers.

Post 2 (below) has a walkthrough guide to posting an introduction.
Post 3 (below) has a walkthrough guide to completing your profile.
We are an English-only forum so only posts in English are allowed. If necessary, translate it in Google THEN post the English version (y)

Update your profile, model and year and location like this:
Top right, click on Account Details, then Account Settings,
Then in Location field, your ‘Location’.
n Vehicle Details: model and year like: 2009 SLK 55 AMG or whatever you have or
put 'looking for an SLK'
Then Save. Done!

When you do this, you don't need to tell us in every post what car you are having a problem with. Your car details are automatically shown under your avatar (to the left) (y)

The following is a basic outline of how to make the best of our forum whilst you find your feet with a few hints and tips for those unfamiliar with forums.

For the full and official version see :- Help

If you have a question or a problem with your SLK, the quickest and easiest way to get this answered is to complete the steps below BEFORE asking your question.

First post an introduction.
It is like starting a conversation by saying 'Hello'.
Wondering what to say?
Look at other members introductions. Some are detailed, others are short.
New Members Introduce Yourself Here - Mercedes Benz SLK Forum

See post 2 below for step by step photo guide for Introduction.

Next update your details.
This assists us when you ask for help.

See post 3 below for step by step photo guide for Updating.

claim your free gift:
Vehicle Data Card - Mercedes Benz SLK Forum

The R170/R171/R172 models each have separate sections in the forum. After posting your introduction and completing your profile, any questions you have about your car should be posted in the General Discussion area for your model of SLK.

You will also be able to find Do it Yourself ( DiY ) topics.
These can be about improvements and ways to fix problems.
I know first hand that professional garages refer to some of our members threads.
They are that good.
The models explained:
What is R170, R171 and R172?

Need help?
Try search first. has a search box at the middle top (inside the banner).
Our cars have been around for some time and most questions/problems have been seen before.

Always start your search with'' to get forum specific answers.
Adding model type may narrow the search.
Varying how you phrase the question will bring different results.
Remember, we are worldwide? So Tire/Tyre, Bonnet/Hood etc may help.

Notice the difference?
(Note:- if you do have roof problems, try these links first:)
Vario Roof Troubleshooting Tree - R170 Courtesy of Leapyfish

R171 Vario roof troubleshooting tree

The General area of the 170/171/172 is where you should post most questions for help.
Our Moderators can move posts if you make a mistake, so don't panic if you get it wrong.
Be patient. The person who has the best answer may not be online daily.

What next?
Well, if you fancy meeting fellow SLKers you could try your regional threads:
<<<Click here.
Then scroll down until you see your Club and Regional Discussion Forum.
Regional zones are listed below this.

Simply start reading other threads.

We have some threads that are not car related.
Picture of The Day might raise a smile.

A simple guide to the rules.

No posts about religion, politics.
They are hot topics and often cause issues.

Respect your fellow members.
It's fine to disagree.
It's not acceptable to bully, harass, or use foul/threatening language.

Full SLKWorld rules here:

Admin. and Mods. may remove offending material without warning, if they feel it necessary.

HOW DO I GET HELP. (Reporting a post)

If you find a post offensive, or are not happy with a post :-
At the top of every post you will see 3 dots in a vertical line.
Click the dots to report and a sub menu opens
Select report for a post if you feel one of the above rules are being broken.
All staff will see a reported post marker.

Text Font Screenshot Technology Sky

Private Messaging (PM).
This is now referred to as a conversation.
Look to the right of the banner, click on the small version of your avatar.
A new menu opens. Click on Conversations.
Automotive exterior Vehicle Bumper Car Grille

The red dot indicates that you have Alerts, or Messages.

VERY IMPORTANT: always take a peek at that avatar. IF you see a red dot, it means that either a)someone has sent you a conversation that you need to read or b)someone has done something to one of your prior posts ("like" for example).

If it is a conversation alert, be sure to respond to it as it may be an SLKWorld staff member needing to talk you (y)

We hope you enjoy the forum and will help you if at all possible.

If English is not your first language, we will try to help.

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(Note, I am viewing using dark mode).

How to post your introduction.

From the main screen:
Select the graphic at the top right of the page:

Personal luxury car Car Vehicle Screenshot Font

This opens a new page.
Scroll down until you see 'New Members Introduce Yourself Here'.
Select the title.

Text Font Screenshot Technology Electronic device

Another new page will open.
Select 'Start Discussion' from the top right hand side.

Text Font Technology Screenshot Electronic device

Finally, you are able to write your introduction.
It will need a title and, of course, your message.

Text Font Screenshot

To post your introduction, you need to scroll down and select 'Post Thread'.

Text Font Screenshot Technology

Now our members will be able to welcome you.

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How to update your profile details.
(For Vehicle & location details).
From any page:
Select the small avatar at the top right.

Electronics Technology Electronic device Font Screenshot

This opens a new menu.
Select 'Account Settings'.

Text Font Technology Screenshot Multimedia

You are now into your profile page:

Text Screenshot Font Technology Games

Scroll down to 'Location'.
We are looking for something like Houston,Texas or Lancashire, UK
Not your address.

Text Font Technology Screenshot

Scroll further down to 'Vehicle Details'.
Enter your SLK (only) vehicle details.
The year (in my case 2007) and model (for me SLK 55 AMG).


All that's left is to select 'SAVE' after scrolling further down.

Text Font Technology Auto part Animation

If you struggle, tell us.
We will help you, but need to know before we can do so.

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The a, b, c of how to begin your SLKWorld journey.

Post 2 in this thread explains how to make your introduction.

Post 3 in this thread explains how to update your details.

Please update profile and post introduction before posting issues.
This helps to protect the forum from spammers and unsolicited sellers.

It also assists our experts when resolving your issues.


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Before posting issues:
Complete your profile (post 3) location/vehicle.
Post an introduction (post 2) which should not include car issues.

Then you are all set up.
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