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CCTV captures moment two crooks try to hide a stolen Mercedes... in a police station car park
Car thieves drove the car to a police underground car park in Middleton
When two police vans drove behind them, they panicked and ran off
Officers gave chase with a dog and caught the men shortly afterwards
Pair have been arrested and branded 'Britain's dumbest criminals'

Police in Greater Manchester have branded two hapless thieves as Britain's dumbest criminals, after they tried to hide a stolen car in one of the force's car parks.

Officers watched as the clueless pair tried to drive the stolen white Mercedes into the car park at Middleton Police Station in Rochdale, but became unstuck when they didn't have an entry fob.

CCTV filmed from the station shows how as the driver tried to reverse the vehicle, two police vans came down the ramp behind the car, waiting for their turn to get into the enclosure.

Thinking they'd be rumbled, the driver quickly drove up a grass verge before both men jumped out of the car and ran off - jumping into a nearby river before racing through the streets of Middleton.

The ridiculous incident led police officers in the Heywood and Middleton division to poke fun at the men, who have now been arrested on suspicion of theft of a motor vehicle and a section 4 road traffic accident offence.

On its official Facebook, an officer from GMP Heywood and Middleton wrote: '*** BRITAINS DUMBEST CRIMINAL ALERT ***'
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