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Hi everyone
Wonder if anyone (uk) can help
I am just about to embark on a speaker upgrade on my SLK 200
I am looking at building a custom mounting plate to install aftermarket component speakers in the doors
Whilst at the "headscratching" stage it would be nice to have a spare set of original speakers (either driver or passenger door, but preferably both) for me to gauge my options without constantly having to take the door panel on and off whilst working out what will fit
I know many of you have upgraded to HK setup so may have originals gathering dust in a dark corner
I also am aware that the originals give up the ghost so there may be some [email protected] ones sitting about redundantly a certain extent condition is irrelevant as long as they are complete
If you have any please let me know how much you want for them / shipping etc
Thanks in anticipation
Regards Chris
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